About Quest for Quality 2017

Software Testing in the Platform Economy World

Quest for Quality is a software testing conference that began its journey in 2016 with a very successful 2-day event in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It brought together over 260 professionals from 12 different European countries and 79 different companies. This year, we decided to bring the Quest community spirit to the very heart of technology – the European Silicon Valley in the city of Dublin in Ireland.

Gathering over 150 high-level software testing professionals from Ireland, UK, and the DACH region, this year’s conference is a unique opportunity to learn about the challenges that Quality Assurance in IT industry faces within the digital transformation.

Software testing in the environments where multiple platforms and application programming interfaces interconnect with each other has become challenging not only for dedicated testing specialists but also for the test managers who must manage things using Agile and DevOps methodologies.

Moreover, the event also offers networking opportunities, giving IT professionals a chance to forge business contacts and build new partnerships.

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Meet some of our speakers

Our mission is not just to organize another software testing conference. Our mission is to bring to the stage the best world-class leaders in Software Testing industry who can share their valuable experience and discuss with you the latest innovations and trends. Some of our speakers are listed here. The complete list will be announced in the following weeks.


Andreas Grabner

DevOps Activist, Dynatrace - Boston, USA

Andreas Grabner has been helping companies improve their application performance for 15+ years.

    Finn Lorbeer

    Product Quality Specialist, Thoughtworks - Berlin, Germany

    Finn cares about high quality software from his heart.

      Saurabh Shrihar

      Software Development Manager, Johnson and Johnson - Limerick, Ireland

      Speed and Quality of delivery are Saurabh’s main perseverance.

        Colin O’Brien

        Head of QA & Change Control, Ryanair Labs - Dublin, Ireland

        Responsible for assuring the quality of software solutions developed for Europe’s favourite airline.

          Denitsa Evtimova

          Architect Quality, Paysafe - Sofia, Bulgaria

          Denitsa believes in "quality on each step" of the processes.

            Brendan O Reilly

            Managing Director, Daysha DevOps Solutions - Dublin, Ireland

            Brendan is an entrepreneur having established 3 IT companies since 1990.

              Conall Bennett

              Test Lead, Chicago Merchantile Exchange Group - Belfast, Ireland

              14 years in the industry, in positions such as consultant test manager, principal software engineer in test, test lead, senior tester.

                Amela Teftedarija

                Lead QA Engineer, Comtrade Digital Services - Sarajevo, BiH

                Amela has over 10 years of professional experience in software development industry and proficiency in test automation.

                  Darko Nikolić

                  Software Engineer, Comtrade Digital Services - Sarajevo, BiH

                  Scrum master, currently working on multi-site agile project practicing Kanban.

                    Lina Zubyte

                    QA Engineer, Secret Sauce Partners - Budapest, Hungary

                    Lina loves analyzing data and getting extra information using analytics/monitoring tools.

                      Maja Schreiner

                      Test Manager, Swisscom - Zurich, Switzerland

                      Maja’s interests include applying agile testing practices in everyday work.

                        Maik Nogens

                        Senior Test Consultant, Diaz & Hilterscheid - Hamburg, Germany

                        Maik’s passion is to support the profession of testers and testing.

                          Cristiana Maria Gusanu

                          Expert IT Architect, Nordea Markets - Copenhagen, Denmark

                          Cristiana is helping organizations to shift their mentality towards a new, ‘out of the box’, and more quality oriented mind-set.

                            Neven Matas

                            QA Team Lead, Infinum - Zagreb, Croatia

                            Neven believes QA teams should play a vital role in software development companies as mechanisms of both control and change.

                              Boopathi Guganathan

                              Automotive Test Engineer, ALten AB - Gothenburg, Sweden

                              Boopathi is responsible for validation of the project in a car multimedia domain.

                                Christopher Clements

                                QA/Delivery Lead, PwC - Belfast, Ireland

                                He lives and breathes the QA team, placing strong emphasis on culture and bestowing responsibility on team members to allow them to grow.

                                  Aleksandar Ristić

                                  Test Consultant, Comtrade Digital Services - Dublin, Ireland

                                  He is very passionate about testing, finding and submitting bugs, as well as analyzing problems and finding new ways to break software under testing.

                                    Natalia Budnicka

                                    Senior QA Lead EMEA, Salesforce - London, UK

                                    Natalia completed masters in digital transformations from where her career with IT and quality assurance has started.

                                      Ruben Guillen Izuma

                                      Trials and Pilots Engineer - Nokia, Krakow, Poland

                                      At Q4Q2017 Ruben wants to present a vision on what it is coming in the mobile wireless industry.

                                        John O’Donnell

                                        CTO, Hostelworld Group - Dublin, Ireland

                                        John will be speaking about how investing in QA resourcing, skills and technology enables Hostelworld to continually improve on quality without compromising on efficiency or throughput.

                                          Philip Hogan

                                          Head of QA, Hostelworld Group - Dublin, Ireland

                                          Philip will teach us how to better align QA with the business and development teams.

                                            Vincent Lonij

                                            Research Scientist, Cognitive Datascience, IBM Research - Dublin, Ireland

                                            Vincent will talk about how to test Artificial Intelligence apps and how to use Artificial Intelligence in testing processes.

                                              Ingo Philipp

                                              Agile Evangelist, Tricentis - Vienna, Austria

                                              Ingo Philipp is an award-winning Exploratory Testing and Agile thought leader, with a resume of speaking engagements that span the globe.

                                                Gina London

                                                Emmy-winning veteran CNN correspondent and professional speaker, Fuzion Communications - Cork, Ireland

                                                Gina is an energetic and enthusiastic speaker and her style is guaranteed to keep audiences engaged and involved.

                                                  Gar Mac Criosta

                                                  "Founder, Business Model Adventures; Co-Founder, Mindrising - Drogheda, Ireland

                                                  Gar Mac Críosta is a certified architect professional (IASA CITAP), a Fellow of the Irish Computer Society and a Certified Lego Serious Play Facilitator.


                                                    From the following list you are able to see what sessions are going to be performed on what day. By clicking on the title of the session, the biography of the speaker and the description of his talk will open. Detailed agenda can be found here.

                                                    Opening Keynote - Quality in an Age of Uncertainty

                                                    GAR MAC CRIOSTA, MINDRISING, IRELAND
                                                    Keynote - How DevOps is done by Top Performers

                                                    Andreas Grabner, Dynatrace, USA
                                                    Continuous Delivery Using Crowdsourced Testing

                                                    Maja Schreiner, Swisscom, Switzerland
                                                    A Tester’s Journey: Back to Our Roots

                                                    Chris Clements, PwC, Ireland

                                                    Natalia Budnicka, Salesforce, UK
                                                    Why Culture Eats DevOps for Breakfast

                                                    Brendan O‘Reilly, Daysha Consulting, Ireland
                                                    Inside Innovation – How to Start Innovation in Your Organization

                                                    Christiana Maria Gusanu, Nordea Markets, Denmark

                                                    - Maria Girone, CERN OpenLab CTO, Switzerland
                                                    - Marko Robnik-Šikonja, Professor, University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Computer and Information Science, Slovenia
                                                    - Vincent Lonij, Research Scientist - Cognitive Datascience, IBM Research, Ireland

                                                    MODERATOR: ALBERT ENG, AI EXPERT, COMTRADE DIGITAL SERVICES
                                                    Keynote - Building a High Quality Product

                                                    Finn Lorbeer, Thoughtworks, Germany
                                                    Keynote - Rediscover Exploratory Testing

                                                    INGO PHILIPP, TRICENTIS, AUSTRIA
                                                    Automotive Platform Testing in Real World

                                                    Boopathi Guganathan, AltenAB, Sweden
                                                    Testing Guide for Agile Transformation

                                                    Aleksandar Ristić, Comtrade Digital Services, Ireland
                                                    Think Globally, Act Locally – Build Stronger Distributed Agile Teams

                                                    Amela Teftedarija, Darko Nikolić, Comtrade Digital Services, BiH
                                                    Testing Big Data to Predict Your Perfect Fit

                                                    Lina Zubyte, SECRET SAUCE PARTNERS, Hungary
                                                    Closing Keynote - TBA

                                                    GINA LONDON, FUZION, IRELAND

                                                    Editorial Board

                                                    Welcome to meet our editorial board members who are responsible to select the outstanding speakers.

                                                    “This two-day event is the best way to learn about DevOps as you learn and share real-life experiences with your peers.”
                                                    Andreas GrabnerDevOps Activist, Dynatrace
                                                    “I liked the conference last time. A lot. It was more modern than most quality-related conferences and therefore attracted more inspiring people to discuss and talk.”
                                                    Finn LorbeerProduct Quality Specialist, Thoughtworks
                                                    “Quest for Quality is a great event, bringing together best talents and demonstrating lots of interesting real life references.”
                                                    Rainer PirkerBluemix Leader, IBM CEE
                                                    “Our mission is not just to organize another software testing conference. Our mission is to bring to the stage the best world-class leaders in Software Testing industry.”
                                                    Nikola ŠoparDirector of QA Services, Comtrade Digital Services, and Head of Editorial Board, Quest for Quality Conference
                                                    “It is a privilege to be a part of the Quest for Quality story. This event always goes a step further. Join us in October and be inspired by great speakers and talks that we selected for you!”
                                                    Nikoleta Raganović-ArapovićTest Automation Lead, Comtrade Software
                                                    “I am so proud to be part of the Quest for Quality editorial board, to watch our conference grow and inspire others.”
                                                    Sandra ZemljaričQuest Community Leader, Comtrade Digital Services

                                                    Organizational Board

                                                    “I am honored to be the Quest for Quality movement engine. We are all working hard to repeat last year’s success and deliver the best possible conference experience for Q4Q attendees.”
                                                    Evelina Emma RobasMarketing Specialist, Comtrade Digital Services, Head of Organizational Board, Quest for Quality Conference
                                                    “Quest for Quality is a great opportunity to spread out the experience, learn, inspire development, innovate work, share.”
                                                    Jelena StevanovićProject Manager, Comtrade Digital Services
                                                    “We selected a very nice venue in Dublin. The Marker hotel will offer everything what our conference attendees need at such event – modern architecture, relaxed atmosphere, and excellent food.”
                                                    Antoinette GeogheganOffice Manager, Comtrade Digital Services

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                                                    Quest for Quality 2017 will gather more than 150 test managers, test leads, heads of QA, quality directors, and other software testing professionals from the Ireland & the UK, and the DACH countries. Take a look at the companies of already registered participants:

                                                    About the Venue

                                                    The Marker is Dublin’s newest, luxury design hotel located on Grand Canal Square in the heart of the city’s most vibrant new business and cultural quarter.
                                                    The Hotel, with its iconic architecture and interior design, will become the excellent host of our conference with unrivalled views over Grand Canal Square, the Aviva stadium, to the sea and the Dublin Mountains.

                                                    The Organizer