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About DevOps and Testing Conference

Quest for Quality is a testing community event, gathering more than 200 test engineers, test leads, test leaders, quality directors and other key industry professionals from the Adriatic region, DACH countries, Ireland & UK.
The 2-day event represents a unique opportunity for individuals working in software testing, software security and software quality to exchange opinions, showcase their projects and stay up-to-date on the latest industry developments.
At the Quest for Quality conference, industry leaders will discuss market trends and opportunities, providing valuable insight into the changing world of IT testing. Moreover, the event also offers networking opportunities, giving IT professionals a chance to expand their business contacts and build new partnerships.

What you will learn

Join 200 fellow professionals to explore innovation and highlight best practices. Along with leading IT industry experts you will discover the latest trends in:
⦁ Agile methods in Testing
⦁ DevOps
⦁ Automated Testing
⦁ Quality Assurance
⦁ Security

90’ hands-on workshops

Beside excellent sessions you will be able to join two 90′ hands-on workshops:

  • Advanced: JUnit 5 – Writing Tests with Java 8 and JUnit

Peter Kofler, Code Cop Org, Austria

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  • Basic: Selenium – Building Web Tests Automation Framework with Selenium

Enis Zeherović, Comtrade Digital Services, BiH

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Number of participants for each workshop is limited to maximum 20 participants.

Workshops are free of charge for all Quest for Quality attendees. Reserve your seat by sending an email to

About what we will discuss

Our round table titled ‘How to ensure good quality in projects of Digital transformation?’ is an opportunity for senior tech executives (CEOs, CTOs) to meet in person and discuss industry best practices, challenges, strategies and opportunities.

In this round table will participate:
Jaka Levstek, CEO at DLabs
Marko Javornik, VP Mobility and travel at Comtrade
Tone Stanovnik, Director at Špica
Joan Wrabitz, CTO at Quali

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Meet our speakers

Meet some of our keynote speakers who will join us to share their industry knowledge and discuss the latest innovations and trends.


Head of QA & Change Control at Ryanair Labs

Colin is a career tester who brings his 20 year QA experience to Ryanair Labs, a tech company with an airline attached.


Quality Acrobat at Thoughtworks

Finn is a Quality Acrobat from his heart. He loves being a team’s driver towards building a high quality product. He strongly…


CTO at Quali

Joan has served as CTO of Quali since February, 2015. Most recently, she was the Vice President and Chief Technology…


Testing Consultant at Comtrade Digital Services

Aleksandar is in charge of leading a testing team of 20+ people in 7 cities across 4 countries.


Founder and CEO of Viris

Milan is a Founder and CEO of Viris, Slovenian company specialized in information security. He is security professional, pen-tester and researcher.


Senior QA Engineer at Ekipa2 d.o.o. (subsidiary of Outfit7)

Allan’s career in the field of QA, spanning 12 years, is ranging from experience with work on complex banking systems…


Software Developer and Code Cop

Peter is a Software Developer, Completionist and officially appointed Code Cop. He likes his code being in order.


QA/QC Consultant at Comtrade Digital Services, Cofounder of Bosnia Agile

Enis taught more 50+ engineers how to make their own web test automation framework with Selenium.


Lead QA Engineer at Celtra

Uroš is very active in the testing trenches and most recently led Celtra’s mobile automation push.


Senior Project Manager at Comtrade Digital Services , founder at itSMF BiH board member

Aldin is experienced professional in quality assurance for IT management, support and release management.


Mobile API Economy Sales Leader, Hybrid Cloud at IBM CEE

Rainer is an enthusiast on new technologies and leading the Mobile API Economy business in CEE in the past 3 years.


Project Manager at O.K. Consulting

Katarina strives to deepen the understanding of underlying psychological factors of success.


QA Test Lead at Infinum

Neven is a QA team lead at Infinum, a 100-person design and development agency.


Rails Team Lead at Infinum

Damir is a Rails team lead at Infinum, a software agency based in Croatia.


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Agenda is not finalized and it’s a subject to change. If you also want to shape the content of this conference, you are welcome to send us your biography and short abstract for speaker’s proposal to .

Alexis Lope-Bello, CEO Comtrade

Nikola Šopar, Director of Quality, Information Security and Testing services

Topic: DevOps

DevOps is all about breaking down the barriers between Dev, Test and Ops group through automation. While automation is relatively new to most developers and ops teams, automation has been used in testing for over a decade. This begs the question of why test automation is not leading the way in DevOps? The variety of types of testing that must be completed, from smoke testing to regression testing to security and scale testing create one of the big obstacles to continuous testing. The complexity of the production environment and the inability of most organizations to mimic this environment is the other big obstacle to continuous testing. This talk will cover the challenges to continuous testing and why integrating test into the DevOps lifecycle is the “last mile” of DevOps. In addition, the concept of Cloud Sandboxes will be introduced as a best practice for automating test as part of the DevOps process, along with examples from customers who are traveling the last mile of testing with Cloud Sandboxes.

Joan Wrabitz, CTO at Quali (united states)

Topic: Quality Assurance

Exploring the advent of Ryanair Labs, the technology & tools at the heart of Ryanair’s digital transformation and how BDD methods in QA are helping to drive the quality agenda.

Colin Obrian, Head of QA, RyanAir (Ireland)

Topic: Quality Assurance

This presentation will challenge your perspective to what QA is and what it can be. It will cover multiple topics on how QA fit into the full development life cycle and how can we maintain a high level of energy and desire to work not only in the team but within the QA industry as a whole. Additionally, topics will also cover working in an 'extreme' agile environment and what changes were needed to allow the QA role to function optimally at that level. We will focus on the four key points:
⦁ How does your company see QA.
⦁ Why we need to be involved in the full process.
⦁ Working in extreme agile environment.
⦁ Why energy inside the team is important.

Allan Stowe, Ekipa2 (subsidiary of Outfit7) (Ireland)

Topic: Automated testing

In today’s world pace of change is tremendous. The most advantageous companies in software industries, like for example Amazon, are releasing updates every 11 seconds. Therefore, it is not acceptable for the test team to live separately from developers. The closer together they are, the less noise and less bugs will be in the code. New technologies are increasing development speed and new functionalities are added to the product before you can test them. Nowadays, test automation is a must. But how do you decide where to invest your time and what to choose from the large pool of automation tools? The presentation speaks about his experience when choosing the test tool for AngularJS application. As a lead tester he had to answer the questions:
- How to automate (using the right tool – Protractor - UI test automation framework using JavaScript),
- Who will automate (testers and developers), and
- What to automate (BVT and e2e scenarios from ACC methodology).
In the presentation he’ll give the clear guidelines on practical example how to choose, set up and automate testing projects.

Aleksandar Ristić, Quality Consultant at Comtrade Digital Services (Ireland)

Topic: Security, Quality Assurance

As an ex-developer he can say, that there are still some things that needs to be fixed in the whole software development lifecycle. As pen-tester he has pretty good inside view in all kind of different approaches to the software development, production applications, and environments, and he has seen some big mistakes. During his presentation he will try to find some answers to the questions like what went wrong and how can we fix this issues to improve software quality and improve security. This will be no theoretical presentation, but the practical guide with some real case scenarios based on his own experience.

Milan Gabor, Security Expert and CEO of Viris (Slovenia)

Topic: Quality Assurance and DevOps

Within ThoughtWorks, Finn has been working with a couple of teams, where despite all changes towards more agile environments and team structures, the role of a QA is still so often to be the release and test manager. This is surprising because caring about quality is so much more than "testing". The quality of a product can only be understood, if the entire environment is understood in the first place. This includes the business value as much as the system architecture of the product. As a result, the classic role is stretched far beyond managing tests and releases. Finn argues that we need to embrace this change. Once we understand to view the big picture in software development teams, we can focus on our core value: driving a quality culture.

Finn Lorbeer, Quality Specialist, Thoughtworks (Germany)

Round table - How to ensure a good quality in projects of Digital Transformation?
⦁ Marko Javornik, VP Automotive, Comtrade
⦁ Tone Stanovnik, Director and owner, Špica International
⦁ Jaka Levstek, Director and owner, D Labs
⦁ Joan Wrabitz, CTO at Quali

MODERATOR: Dejan Ćušić, Business Director, Ireland & UK, Comtrade Digital Services
JUnit 5 Workshop - Writing Tests with Java 8 and JUnit

Topic: Workshop

After a short summary of JUnit and its principles, we will explore the new features of JUnit 5 using concrete, hands-on examples. A working knowledge of Java 8 and unit testing is required. You will need a laptop with Java and Eclipse/IntelliJ IDEA installed beforehand.
Duration: 90min
Number of participants: max 20
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Peter Kofler, Software Developer and Code Cop (Austria)

Be part of firsthand experience in mobile test automation. The initial step of selecting the right automation tool is crucial, but it is just the beginning. What happens after you have a working concept on your desk and it looks as though the path towards automation is paved with success? We will dive deeper into mobile automation done at Celtra, the leading user experience platform for display and video advertising. Putting automation tests in place that ensure that java script wrapped into various products and advertising formats gets properly executed in 3rd party browsers and applications represents a major automation challenge by itself. Furthermore, increasing your test automation complexity by adding a number of mobile devices and platform versions against which test assertions need to be evaluated can quickly turn into a seemingly impossible task. We will unveil the key processes that accompany mobile test automation in a high paced environment (with deploys occurring on an almost daily basis) and expose the factors that eventually make it a success.

Uroš Kovač, Lead QA Engineer at Celtra (Slovenia)

Digital transformation is all about internal and external rethinking, taking the best (and the newest) technologies to deliver better products and services, more efficiently and more effectively. Thinking digitally means never standing still, you’re creating innovative culture and approach things in different and more agile ways. The question is – how much of all? In this presentation, you’ll learn about the experience of a small team on a relatively small project that has moved from typically traditional work model to Agile and then grown into the DevOps. You will discover how introduction of DevOps changed software development within several months of outsourced engineering team on different levels and what benefits these changes have brought to the team and company. As well as how did introduction of DevOps practices influence on change of mindset and cultural and operations changes. At the end, benefits and results will be analyzed and compared with DevOps trends and what else might be improved to achieve even better results. The results which are transformation of application deliver with over 60% growth in process visibility, deployment quality and release frequency.

Aldin Lazović, Senior Project Manager at Comtrade Digital Services (BiH)

IT-world is changing very rapidly: you are going to be disrupted (if you do not follow the IT developments and do not develop yourself as a company) or (if you do follow the IT developments and develop yourself) you are/become a disrupter. Digital channels are the primary way to start consumer and business engagements - mobile devices became the preferred way in which consumers, business partners, and employees interact with companies and each other. The hyper-connectivity of mobile users sets the expectation that information is at their fingertips whenever they require it. Increasingly, this information must be the right information, delivered in context, and almost certainly drawn from multiple sources to enhance the mobile user’s experience. To create powerful and useful mobile apps, the use of application programming interfaces (APIs) becomes essential. Although not exclusively built for the mobile world, APIs are becoming a significant part of successful mobile apps. It is estimated that by 2018, some 68% of all mobile apps will be powered by APIs. APIs can help quickly address new market opportunities, which empower developers to use core business services to continuously build, refine, and deploy apps at top speed. Moreover, organizations that enable their assets with APIs can monetize investments in their application logic and business data.

Rainer Pirker, Mobile API Economy Sales Leader at IBM CEE (Austria)

This joint talk will give you two perspectives on software testing.
Damir, a Rails developer, thinks it's a common mistake that tests take lots of time, while actually the truth is that initial manual testing is the overhead. The presentation will be focused on how to incorporate tests into your regular workflow, and why you shouldn't write tests after your application code.
Neven, a software tester, believes QA engineers are often underutilized as edge case detectives instead of being the driving force that sets the course for quality. His presentation will focus on a couple of ways in which Infinum is transforming its QA strategy in the era of automated testing.

Neven Matas, QA Team Lead at Infinum (Croatia) and Damir Svrtan, Rails Team Lead at Infinum (Croatia)

Katarina Veselko, Project Manager at OK Consulting (Slovenia)

Nikola Šopar, Director of Quality, Information Security and Testing services
Selenium Workshop: Building Web Tests Automation Framework

Topic: Workshop

In this hands-on workshop we’ll start from zero lines of code and we’ll build base of automation framework for web application UI testing. We’ll use all tools that are commonly used in practice: Maven, TestNg and Selenium (WebDriver). Our language of choice is Java. To follow hands-on examples you’ll need laptop with Java JDK, Eclipse with Maven and TestNg plugins and Firefox with Firebug and FirePath plugins installed beforehand. If you are not familiar with Java, it’s not a problem as we’ll write very basic code. This workshop is useful for those who would like to start learning Web UI automation.
Target Audience: All testers interested in test automation
Level: beginner
Duration: 90min
Number of participants: max 20
Reserve your seat!

Enis Zeherović, QA/QC Consultant at Comtrade Digital Services, Cofounder of Agile Bosnia (BiH)

Editorial board

“We have a great line up of keynote speakers, covering a wide range of evolving industry trends.”

Nikola ŠoparDirector of Quality, Information Security and Testing services
“I am extremely excited about this event. It is a valuable opportunity to connect with fellow DevOps and testing professionals.”

Srdjan AtanasijevićHead of PMO at Comtrade
“A two-day event gathering 200+ devops, testing and security professionals. A great way to expand your professional network and gain insights into the future of testing.”
Andreas GrabnerTechnology Strategist at Dynatrace

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Quest for Quality will gather more than 200 test engineers, test leads, test leaders, quality directors and other key industry professionals from the Adriatic region, DACH countries, Ireland & UK. Take a look at the companies of already registered participants:

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