Aleksandar Ristić

Test Consultant, Comtrade Digital Services - Dublin, Ireland

    As a Testing Consultant at Comtrade Digital Services, Aleksandar is in charge of leading a testing team of 20+ people in 7 cities across 4 countries and delivering testing and quality assurance services to our clients. Over the last 15 years, he has held a number of positions, including Test Engineer, Test Automation Engineer and Test Manager and has worked with clients from various industries – from storage, telecommunications, gaming, education to public sector. He is very passionate about testing, finding and submitting bugs, as well as analyzing problems and finding new ways to break software under testing. He is constantly working on identifying new tools and technologies that can help him and his team deliver better software to their clients.

    About his talk

    Testing Guide for Agile Transformation

    My presentation is meant to be a guide for Test Engineers in Agile Transformation. I will explain different challenges that they must overcome in order to have successful test team in agile environment (like communication, lack of test team in agile environment, setting the right amount of test automation and using it to achieve CI/CD, gathering information about what to test, how to choose the right tool for test automation…). It will also have 2 case studies where I will explain how we managed to bring developers and testers more closely together by choosing the right tool for test automation and how we overcome the challenge of testing dependencies from 3rd party providers. Topics I will cover: Test Engineer in Scrum Team (what is different now and how to prepare for all phases of the sprint) Submitting bugs checklist (what not to forget when submitting bugs, how to save time to you and to developers) Soft Skills for Test Engineers (what to improve to make yourself more efficient member of the team) Building Test Team in Agile Environment (tips and tricks about how to build your test team) QA guild in Agile Environment (how to use QA guild to help your test engineers) Case study – choosing the right test automation tool (how to bring developers and testers closer together by choosing the right test automation tool) Case study – platform testing with dependencies (how to overcome 3rd party dependencies by simulating them) This presentation will be backed by the book that will be exclusively available for all attendees together with the small SF story involving Testing, AI and bugs !