Andreas Grabner

DevOps Activist, Dynatrace - Boston, USA

    Andreas Grabner has been helping companies improve their application performance for 15+ years. He is a regular contributor within Web Performance and DevOps communities and a prolific speaker at user groups and conferences around the world. He started working as a tester on a load testing product in 2001. Since then his life is dedicated to quality and performance.

    About his talk

    How DevOps is done by Top Performers

    DevOps is one of the most abused and overrated marketing terms in the last years! That’s not an alternative fact! It’s just Andi’s opinion! YET – it is a very real thing that allowed many software companies to transform the way they think about software engineering. The downside with DevOps in 2017 – based on the recent State of DevOps Report – is that DevOps transformations are most often driven by business which means “Faster to Market” but not “Faster Quality to Market”. Companies that adopted DevOps in the last years have shown significant speed to delivery but they also fail more often than before and have longer recovery times than the “Top DevOps Performers”. If you not just want Faster Delivery but Faster High Quality Delivery it is time to understand how DevOps is done by those organizations that we call the Top Performers. It all starts with understanding what DevOps Is. This is why Andi gives us insights on how he explains the benefits to “DevOps Newbies” and how software companies around the world implement it in their own ways. Andi will answer: What does it really mean for developers, testers and operators? What will change? How does Facebook deploy twice a day without big issues? How does DevOps work in financial, government or healthcare where you have tight regulations? Does it mean Devs are responsible for Ops? Does it only work in the cloud? Or can we apply it to “old fashioned” on premise software as well? Learn for yourself and make up your own mind on whether DevOps is just a marketing term or something that can benefit you.