Boopathi Guganathan

Automotive Test Engineer, ALten AB - Gothenburg, Sweden

    Currently working as an Automotive consultant in Alten AB, Sweden deputed to Volvo. Previously senior Engineer at a Robert Bosch, I am responsible for validation of project in Car multimedia domain. I have also worked in Enterprise Mobility domain where he was responsible for Android and iOS. Choosing Testing as my passion, with around 3.5 years of experience, I explore various aspects of testing. I had been previously working with Nous Infosystem pvt ltd, Coimbatore as Test Engineer. Being an active participant in many famous Testing forums, I keep the enthusiasm growing. I also hold a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Anna University, Chennai.

    About his talk

    Automotive Platform Testing in Real World

    There are many people in the testing community delivering great talks about the recent changing trends in Software testing. But I feel something has to be included as part of the Software testing community. Yes Automotive Software Testing. With giant companies working on the future of the consumer products we will update our self with what is going on. Automotive infotainment has grown to a larger extent that we think in the last few years. The Amazing consumer electronics are no longer in your home. Without a proper testing methodology for the future infotainment system software, all our information from personal to vehicle details can be of a major threat. You will learn how automotive software in being tested and the phases involved in it. I will share stories of some of the hacks in automotive industry and leaping changes. The worldwide testing community has to take part in the influential role. I will reveal what I learned from it, how I contributed to it, where to find it and how you can benefit from it too. Also I will cover the Self driving car project sneak peak along with this talk. I am excited already!

    Some of the key take aways include:

    • Automotive testing methodology

    • Features and tools involved in the Test strategy

    • Sneak peak about Self-driving cars testing