Colin O’Brien

Head of QA & Change Control, Ryanair Labs - Dublin, Ireland

    Colin O’Brien is a career tester who brings his 20 year QA experience to Ryanair Labs, a tech company with an airline attached. He is the Head of QA & Change Control at Ryanair Labs with responsibility for assuring the quality of software solutions developed for Europe’s favourite airline.

    About his talk

    Keeping Pace with Europe Favourite Airline – The Platforms that power it

    Ryanair has gone through a significant digital transformation over the last 3 years. The speed and capacity to deliver software solutions has increased greatly since the advent of Ryanair Labs. The challenge now becomes to exceed that pace, constantly delivering high value, high quality software to power the airlines growth ambitions to carry 130m passengers in 2017 at the lowest possible cost to the travelling public and onwards to over 220m passengers by 2024. Several platforms have already been launched with more under development to maintain Ryanair’s market leading position among our European low cost competitors. Many techniques are used to develop and test these platforms, some have a very visible front end user interface providing a shop front perspective for customers, others are less visible and provide a conduit for integration with partners via APIs to have their inventory hosted on Customer engagement and driving return visits are key elements powering Ryanair’s brand recognition, having a personalisation strategy supported by the myRyanair platform allows for this segmentation to take place and increases the relevance of the various engagement channels used to inform and invite our customers to take advantage of not only our low fares but our best price guaranteed products and services such as holidays, cars and hotels. This session will explore the size and scale of the Ryanair organisation and expand into how the systems in the background are Quality Assured, outlining some of the tools and methodologies required and the amount of staff involved.