Conall Bennett

Test Lead, Chicago Merchantile Exchange Group - Belfast, Ireland

    Conall Bennet is a Test Lead at CME Group Belfast working in a cloud migration team involved in the enterprise adoption of DevOps practises, cloud technologies and architecture. Prior to this Conall has worked in both consulting and in various financial enterprise organisations in a variety of Agile and testing leadership roles. Conall is involved locally in co-organising the NI tester meet up and contributing to various other local tech meet ups. He spends most of his time evangelising on Agile and testing practices, tinkering with emerging technologies like Blockchain, AR/VR and AI and trying to find new ways (or rediscover old ways) of causing trouble via testing while exploring these new technologies.

    About his talk

    Thunderstruck by Serverless – Testing Tale of Cloud Adoption

    What’s all the fuss with serverless architecture? If you listen to some, it is the future of architecture implementation and is disrupting DevOps, traditional application implementation models, enterprise approaches to IT, and entry to and time to market. Tech giants like Netflix, AWS, Google and others are leading the charge with this technology adoption. This talk is an experience report on how our team fell into a serverless implementation without any real experience of the technology and how we learned about it along the way. The talk will give a brief overview of what serverless is and its benefits and how we went from sceptics of it initially to advocates for it along our journey of exploration. I will talk about our team test first mentality and the multiple functional and non-functional approaches and patterns we applied to serverless, as well as the existing challenges of testing it. That will include how we ran exploratory performance tests to determine and quantify language deficiencies on the platform in order to help drive our implementation approach. In this session you’ll learn what is serverless and why your business should care, experience report on a “lift and shift” project, learn how a DevOps transition challenges and changes the approach, how serverless architecture both simplifies and complicates your implementation. You will find out why to apply an agile team “test first” mentality to the new technology adoption and how to use test automation alongside high levels of exploratory testing. You’ll also understand why using exploratory performance testing to help drive an implementation approach.