Gar Mac Criosta

"Founder, Business Model Adventures; Co-Founder, Mindrising - Drogheda, Ireland

    About Gar

    Gar Mac Críosta is Founder of Business Model Adventures. Over the past 20 years, he has facilitated the development of change programs with C-level executives, senior managers, technology leaders and executives in areas of business model innovation, digital strategy, architecture and organizational effectiveness (lean/agile) across a variety of industries. His work as a digital architect, instructor and speaker has taken him around the world. Gar is a co-founder of MindRising a design-based learning platform for children using Minecraft.

    Gar Mac Críosta is a certified architect professional (IASA CITAP), a Fellow of the Irish Computer Society and a Certified Lego Serious Play Facilitator. Gar has served on the board of the Irish Computer Society and the Board of Iasa Europe.

    About his talk

    Opening Keynote – Quality in an Age of Uncertainty

    Digital technologies have changed the way we work and live and that change is accelerating. Platforms and the platform economy are creating new ways of delivering amazing experiences and crazy new connections between customers and providers of services. Platform effects are being felt in what were un-disruptable industries hotels, transportation, food, finance. It’s beginning to feel like everyone wants to build a platform business model. Platforms have all the characteristics of a complex system. Complexity brings with it uncertainty, and we’ve never had a greater need for quality as the stakes grow increasingly higher. What the hell is a platform business model? How is it different? How are they designed? What technology triggers are driving this? and Why does it matter to quality professionals? This talk will explore these questions and more.