Gina London

Emmy-winning veteran CNN correspondent and professional speaker, Fuzion Communications - Cork, Ireland

    About Gina

    Gina is an Emmy winning former CNN correspondent and anchor and international campaign strategist who has recently permanently relocated to Ireland.

    She has trained tens of thousands of business professionals and election officials including the first female candidates for Iraq’s Parliament, women social-liberties activists in the Persian Gulf and opposition parties in Egypt. In Egypt, she had her life threatened by the Mubarak government through the front-pages of the national newspapers!

    Gina is a high-energy speaker!  In the past year alone, she has emceed or moderated dozens of events in the UK, US and Ireland including, Ibec’s CEO Summit; US Ambassador Kevin O’Malley’s Creative Minds Innovative Disruptors Conference; The European Tech Summit; Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year Awards; Startup Nations Summit; Network Ireland Conference; Comptia’s ChannelCon; eir Fast Company Awards; and the PRII Conference.

    About her talk

    Closing Keynote – The Quality of Communication

    Every time you interact with someone you are communicating something. Either by design or default. You are either moving your relationship forward or backward with that other person – or people. Communications is not a soft skill – it’s a critical skill – especially in the tech industry. It’s called Translational Communications – taking the depth of knowledge you have and getting it understood by a broader audience. Research shows that tech professionals say they lack confidence in communications and that’s where Gina’s expertise and experience comes in. Emmy-award winning former CNN anchor Gina London will take you on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment to help you communicate confidently to enhance your personal and professional brand!