John O’Donnell

CTO, Hostelworld Group - Dublin, Ireland

    O’Donnell joined Hostelworld as CTO in June 2010 and currently leads the technology, product, design and e-commerce teams.

    Prior to joining the company, O’Donnell held the role of head of technology at Paddy Power for 10 years. He worked in New York as technology operations manager for Lehman Brothers and was also responsible for the implementation of a newly developed trading platform (Optimark) onto the Nasdaq Stock Exchange in 1999.

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    About his talk

    The Test of Time

    When John joined the Hostelworld company from Paddy Power, he was well focused on mobile and in the mobile space. At the time when he joined, something like 2% of bookings on Hostelworld were coming in by mobile. They have grown that steadily over the last seven years. On a full-year basis for 2016, mobile was 49% of their bookings. That trend has continued and now, more than 50% of their transactions this year – and close to 60% of transactions during the peak season – were mobile.

    At Quest for Quality John will be speaking about how investing in QA resourcing, skills and technology enables Hostelworld to continually improve on quality without compromising on efficiency or throughput.