Momchil Elenkov

Global Telecom Partnerships Manager, Viber - Sofia, Bulgaria

    Momchil Elenkov is a Global Telecom partnerships manager and responsible for the Viber’s strategic commercial partnerships with mobile operators on group level as well as in various markets worldwide. His fields of action also include projects related to Fintech, AI, Chat-bots, B2B and B2C-communication between corporations and end-users via the Viber-ecosystem. Momchil has a Telecom background where he managed the mobile products and services and CRM strategies and activities of the companies.

    About his talk

    Delivering a B2B2C quality in a digital economy: The Biz Dev Approach

    Imagine you have a digital platform with more than 800 million users on board making it possible to connect in the way that works best for them. Imagine being part of one of the world’s leading Internet services companies with a focus on e-commerce, finance, and digital content. What is the Viber’s approach to succeed in a complex digital economy like this? We take a look at how we manage to deliver these 0.1% constant improvements that can assure a high quality in the new features and partnerships. In business, the big changes get all the press but, in actual fact, a lot comes down to small improvements – and often they take courage. There is always the chance that some loyal customers who love the product the way it is might be alienated. But this is a fear that must be overcome. To be a global innovator, you need to be willing to take the risk and embrace the work that follows. At the same time, maintaining zero down-time, distributed workforce and strong partnerships can give you the freedom to innovate on the B2B2C front and ensure the delivery of both global and localized new features and tools. This is why we make sure to build a reliable product combined with a strong network of partners that happen to be Viber’s ambassadors as well. Agencies, IT Enablers, Telecoms, Financial institutions, FMCGs are only of a small portion of the various verticals where our BD teams focus on in order to make sure the content is of same high quality as the core product itself. In this talk, I’ll share a view based on the real-live everyday challenges and successes we go through that result in a growing user-base and increasing revenue.