Natalia Budnicka

Senior QA Lead EMEA, Salesforce - London, UK

    After completing degree in business and marketing at Dublin Institute of Technology and a brief work experience in marketing field I soon realized that it wasn’t a professional path for me. I went back to university and completed masters in digital transformations from where my career with IT and more specifically quality assurance has started. I went on to work with the Deloitte testing practice in Belfast and then London where my focus was on developing QA practice for CRM cloud services. And just under a year ago I joined Salesforce to continue this journey on the quest to build our EMEA QA practice, education on the importance of QA in digital transformations and its benefits to the organizations.

    About her talk

    Waves of Digital Transformation: Why Organizations still haven’t learnt the Importance of Quality Assurance

    Over the last 30 years digital technology has changed the way organizations do business internally and externally. From ERP transformations in the 90’s all the way though to cloud service solutions, IoT and AI, companies are hoping to get ahead of the competition, be more effective and efficient, stay current or even catch up with the rest of the heard. Whatever it is they are after digital seems to be the go to solution. We may or may not agree whether this approach to organizational change through technology is right or wrong. But what I believe we all can agree on is that Quality Assurance is an integral part of the success of those transformations. Over the last few decades we all have seen or even been part of such organizational transformations. Considering that most organizations have now been through multiple waves of digital transformation have they gotten any better at understanding what makes them a success? Perhaps in some cases the answer is yes however more often than not we still find ourselves having to justify why Quality Assurance is important. So why do organizations still have a lot to learn about Quality Assurance and why is it often seen as a low value service?