Ruben Guillen Izuma

Trials and Pilots Engineer - Nokia, Krakow, Poland

    About Ruben

    Graduated as a Telecommunications Engineer from the Technical University of Seville. Working at Nokia as a software tester for more than 3 years, performing test activities within different customer premises or events – such as Shanghai MWC 2016 or Shanghai F1 2016 race.

    About his talk

    How we Test our Products at Nokia – LTE Small Cells’ Role in the Heterogeneous Networks

    In this session I will give the attendees the idea on how we test our products at Nokia and a vision on where the future mobile industry is heading to.

    I would like to introduce the Small Cells and what role they will have on the digital transformation we are all seeing happening.

    There are various challenges such as coexistence of LTE-U (LTE-Unlicensed) with WIFI on today’s heterogeneous networks or how NB-IoT is being already introduced as one of the first steps to the well-known IoT. In Nokia we think Small Cells will have a key role to deliver the changes being addressed by IoT and in a further picture 5G.

    Some of those are:

    • Low latency: by introducing Small Cells on nowadays networks we can reach every single device with a good signal/noise ratio, thus reducing the latency between devices.

    • Full coverage: when talking about device-to-device communication having a full coverage and preventing coverage holes is crucial, i.e. V2V (Vehicle to vehicle), V2P (vehicle to pedestrian) or V2I (Vehicle to infrastructure).

    LTE-U demo

    To reinforce all the above stated I would like to present a demo in which one of our Small Cells will be interacting with a Wifi-AP via LTE-U. For that, I will bring with me one of our FZM (Flexi Zone Micro) or FZP (Flexi Zone Pico) along with a Wifi-AP and an UE (Mobile phone).